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What three things do you keep beside your computer?

1. I keep nothing - no thing - beside my computer.
2. In that it is all white space.
3. I refer only to what I can bring to that space.

Sally Crawford, 2000

Before the Schoenberg-Mahler Concert

I was just sitting there
when t
his man got up
abruptly without a word;
turned his back
and walked off;
leaving his wife,
to follow.
with the
in her
. . . what if she lost him.

Sally Crawford, 1999

Pear Trees in March

How difficult it is
upon the black road
to take appropriate delight in pear blossom.
Its spare, grey white,
illuminating the still leafless tree,
shines out against
the polished grey of building stone
each flower in each flower cluster
a separate wonder
its silent message:
take instruction of me
those who can.

Sally Crawford, 2000

Summer of the Burn

Under the ripening heat of a Polish August sun
Tomasz and I
(together with his friend Zbig and my friend
Min), had sailed the wide and yellow
Wisla from the town. And the more
this landscape flowed,
the more I tightened 'til I nearly choked for I was
saving myself.

Tomasz just smiled
and as we came to land
and Min leaned out from the boat

and he reached up to lift her down,
he kissed her hard

and looked at me: the bastard.

Sally Crawford, 2000

Note: Wisla, the Polish name for the Vistula,
is pronounced Vees-wa