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Chiswell Street
A site of metal alloys
in which to contemplate
the atom

The word 'chiswell' may be derived from the Old English word for 'pebble' since the river Thames originally formed a wide tidal lake here and the river would have washed sand and pebbles up along its shoreline. The typesetter H.W. Caslon had his foundry near Chiswell Street and the area was also known for the making of guns and cannon.

This is Chiswell, a site which bears the admixturing
of metals for the casting of the gun; the bell; the type;
the key; the rack; the gate.


they cannot be seen
in their black
and angled wings

a darkness to bounce
back probing beams

but the reds, yellows
and blues of those
other moving things

who trudge because
they have no wings

Copyright Mike Ferguson
from the poem 'Stealth'
'Voices for Kosovo'

Stride Publications, 1999