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Gresham Street
A site of stone and steel,
of guilding and of glass

Gresham Street is on the site of four smaller streets: St Anne's Lane, Maiden Lane, Lad Lane and Cateaton Street. It is named for Sir Thomas Gresham who founded the Royal Exchange in 1566 and Gresham College in 1579.

City Journey

My journey takes me
from St Paul's
to Old Street
via London Bridge;
through the City
to where the City first began;
London's downtown.

It is a Saturday,
the streets deserted,
and I write my passage
as I go.
From Bucklersbury
crossing Cheapside
and heading north
up Ironmonger Lane.

Left and right
and right I go
and then I see
the ghost.

Sally Crawford, 1999. All rights reserved.