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London Bridge
A site of exhilarating mass

The first London Bridge to be built of stone was built in 1176. It was not replaced until 1831, quite a tribute to its original engineers. The present London Bridge, a pre-stressed concrete cantilever bridge, dates from 1972.

This is London Bridge

the river
by stone.

Gaining Hungerford Bridge
from Victoria Embankment

And here's the bridge;
the black, endemoned road below
has given way to sky

and firm embanked
and deep and steady in its course
the curvilinear Thames flows to the gaze.

Take in this long horizon
let noise and pollution ebb
for the free-form, water world of boats
orderly as they give or gather way
or go about to land precise as toys.

A train rolls in, its passengers breathe
'London'. To the east,
financial towers, Canary Wharf, St Paul's,
stand, as do the living,
shrouded in traffic fog.

© Sally Crawford, 1999. All rights reserved.