Explore the City


A site of water
you can walk on

The Walbrook stream originally flowed between Ludgate Hill and Cornhill and entered the Thames at Dowgate (pictured left).

This is Walbrook

its once was river now channelled underground

thick blacktop flowing where once the water was.

Not Many Know the City

Not many know the City when deserted
(Not many who have not its love) -
Lombard's blind mausoleum of bankers
In the crackling silence of evening,
Or the typist's moon admiring itself
In the blackbird sheen of a nightlong Thames.
(The city's smell is a river's smell
When day's car-borne fumes are gone.)

Copyright William Oxley, 1981
From The Notebook of Hephaestus and Other Poems (The Lomond Press)