Poets of London's
Founder and Poet
Director is Sally Crawford (right) (writing as Sally Crawford and S.C. Crawford) who founded the group in 1997 and designed the concept for this site which she authors and maintains. She works in academic publishing and is an award-winning book and journal editor and trainer. Her work is published in Stand, Agenda, Still Journal of Short Verse and Stride Online Magazine.

Sally Crawford's paper, 'The Function of Copyright in the Author/Publisher/ Purchasing Reader Pathway', was presented at Incubation, the trAce International Conference on Writing and the Internet which took place at The Nottingham Trent University, England, from 10 to 12 July 2000.

Poets of London

Poets of London takes its inspiration from what is all around us. Our poetry is 'by and for people who love their cities'. So the poetry written and read is not only about London and other cities – the urban environment – but about 'being a poet' and 'accessing the poetic' in London and other cities.

Poets of London's members and audience are people who live, work, or are studying in or visiting London. This poetry group tries to provide a discussion forum for poets new and established and anyone who loves 'city' and has an interest in the built environment.

About Poets of London

The research and development of this Poets of London web site formed part of Sally Crawford's Birkbeck School of Computer Science and Information Technology Courses in the 2000–01 programme.

Poets of London gratefully acknowledges the help and support of the ICA and Sun Microsystems during the initial stages of setting up the Poets of London web site, the Agora Project (one of the project partners of which was Hyena, see below) for soundly teaching some of the principles of web use and London Arts for sponsoring the group and its 1999 Voice of the Poet ) presentations.

Thanks are also due to Andrew Starling for offering to realise the original October 1998 site, to Sarah Wachter for financial contribution to our mailing and to Susan Grindley for taking the photographs for the City of London essay pages. Grateful thanks also to Anita Money for agreeing to be Consulting Editor for the web-anthologies for www.newmediacentre.com/poets-of-london that accompanied our readings and to all who have attended meetings and contributed their work.

Finally, fondest thanks to Hyena for building the templates for the present site with such competence and professionalism.

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